The invitation: to shift from a Person Doing to a Human Being.

The vision of 'The Way Home to Love' Society (The Way Home) is to guide and support individuals in shifting from living a conditioned existence (as a Person Doing) to living the life they incarnated to live (as a Human Being). A Human Being takes care of the body, learns their soul lessons, fulfills their soul purpose, and returns home to Love. The broader vision is that, as each individual becomes Love, their simply being Love will contribute to the transformation of today's world into a peaceful, Loving, and harmonious one.

A Human Being

Make the choice to live your life as a Human Being and live the life you incarnated to live.

Inner Journey

Cultivate an inner state of peace, love, and harmony through removing the barriers inside you to Love.

Guidance and Workshops

Learn about the online guidance that we offer. All programs, workshops, and retreats are currently on hold.