An invitation to create a peaceful, Loving, and Harmonious World.

The vision of 'The Way Home to Love' Society (The Way Home) is to contribute towards the transformation of today's world into a Harmonious one. Our approach to ushering in a world of peace, Love, harmony, unity, and balance includes transforming both one's inner and outer worlds. Thus, we provide Love, support, and guidance for people on their inner journeys and support those people in the creation of transitional communities. We invite you to join us in creating a Harmonious World.

Inner Journey

Cultivate an inner state of peace, love, and harmony through removing the Barriers inside you to Love and practicing the Art of Relating.

Outer Journey

Support the creation of a peaceful, loving, and harmonious world.

Workshops and Retreats

See the upcoming schedule of retreats and workshops for Removing the Barriers to Love, The Art of Relating and more.


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