A Paradigm Shift

This use of the term ‘paradigm shift’ refers to a complete change in the way humanity interacts with each other, with nature, with the elements, and will all sentient beings.  Instead of using force to control our environment, we come into harmony and balance with it.  Instead of succumbing to the energies of fear and greed, we embrace the energies of harmony, unity, balance, and love.

Is such a shift possible?  We feel that the answer is yes.  However, there is a caveat.  We feel that a society can only make this shift once the individuals within that society have made that shift within themselves.  Thus, this paradigm shift begins with the individual. Each of us has to choose which energies we are going to embrace and live by.  If the choice is to embrace harmony, unity, balance, and Love then the journey of freeing oneself from fear and greed begins.  This is not a mental journey.  It is a complete shift in one’s very way of being. 

We refer to that shift as a shift from a Person Doing’ to a ‘Human Being’. Please go to the ‘Human Being’ page of this website for more information on what it means to be a human being.

How does an Individual make that shift?

An individual undergoes a shift in awareness when they remove energies like fear and greed from their being.  These energies are low vibration energies that keep an individual’s level of awareness low.  As these energies are removed, and a person becomes more peaceful and Loving, the awareness of that individual begins to rise. 

This is what Rumi was pointing at in his statement, ” Are you searching for your soul? Then come out of your prison, leave the stream and join the river that flows into the ocean. Absorbed in this world you’ve made it your burden. Rise above the world there is another vision.”

You rise above this world when you free yourself of all low level vibrations such as the energies of fear, greed, attachment, desire, anger, pride, and so on.  How far you go in raising your awareness will determine the type of world that you end up being a part of creating. 

‘The Way Home’ (TWH) is a way to remove low level energies from your being and return home to being Love. A description of TWH is provided on the ‘Inner Journey‘ page of this website.

Where will a Paradigm Shift take us?

If you are able to remove the energies of fear and greed from your being then you have the potential to be a part of shifting this world into a more Loving, harmonious, peaceful, and balanced one.  If you continue on and free yourself of all low level vibrations then you have the potential to rise out of this world completely.  You can then be a part of creating a whole new world.

Bruce has shared a story of what it means to rise out of this world completely.  Years ago, he was on a a boat going into a bay on the island of Guanaja in Honduras.  He then saw a shimmering ‘city’ hovering over the island and his jaw dropped.  The woman next to him smiled and said, “you see it too”.  He just smiled back.  Later they were walking on the island when she called him over to ‘speak’ to seven beings that were standing in the trees.  He could only see four.  They were from that etheric city.  He could only see four because the beings had dropped their vibration in order to be seen.  Seven of them had dropped their vibration enough for his friend to see them while only four had dropped their vibration far enough for him to see them.  His friend was existing at a higher vibration than him at the time.

As you raise your vibration out of this world, you will experience the multi-dimensional nature of existence and will see what else is out there.  You will even be able to visit places such as Shambhala.