Inner Journey

Living your life as a Human Being (A Voyage of Self-Discovery)

To Raise your vibration is to shift from a person doing (functioning from low level energies such as fear and greed) to a human being (existing as compassion, Love, peace, harmony, and unity). Making this shift will reveal the essence of who you really are beyond the illusions of an ego-based existence. To embark upon your inner journey is to turn inwards and face yourself. You do so with the intention of removing the barriers inside you to Love and learning your soul lessons.

This is an inner journey of awakening from the dream of being a person; identifying with the body and the thoughts and emotions that arise from your conditioned mind (from your fears, desires, beliefs, and traumas). A person cannot awaken as awakening is waking up from the illusion of being a person. Thus, the inner journey comes with a warning. Undertaking this journey will destroy all of the illusions you hold about yourself and this world. It is not for the faint of heart. It will challenge you right down to the very core of your being.

However, the rewards are immeasurable. You will live the life you incarnated to live, learn your soul lessons, fulfill your soul purpose, and become Love. You will also abide in an inner state of peace, silence, harmony, Love, joy, and freedom.

The Human Being

Before we describe a way (The Way Home) for undertaking your inner journey, we will first clarify what we mean by the term ‘human being’. Doing so will hopefully give you a clearer understanding of the implications of embarking upon your inner journey. The picture below points at what it is to be a human being. We invite you to be open to the possibility that there is something to point at rather than getting caught up in debating the content of the pointer.

Essentially, the human being is made up of a soul (Higher Self), mind, and body. Unlike a person, the Human Being has access to Source.

The Human Being


Pure Source Awareness (aka Tao, Holy Spirit, God, Universal Consciousness): A field of pure awareness that underlies everything in this world of form. Its energy is Divine Love

Higher Self (aka Soul, Inner Guide, witnessing consciousness): The eternal aspect of the human being. The energy of one’s soul is Divine Love.

Mind (aka Monkey Mind, Pain Body, False Self): The tool that enables a soul to exist within a body. It contains the personality or ego.

Physical Body


The inner journey is a voyage of Self-Discovery. It will take you beyond the illusion of being identified with the False Self (the conditioned mind and body) and allow you to connect to your Higher Self (your inner guide). You will thereby be moving from living your life as a person doing to living it as a human being. You will be living the life you incarnated to live, taking care of the body, learning your soul lessons, fulfilling your soul purpose, and becoming Love. You will also be cultivating the inner environment (a silent mind, quiet heart, and relaxed body) that invites in the oceanic experience of merging with pure Source awareness.

The Inner Journey

The life of a human being includes embracing their inner journey because it is through maintaining awareness of their inner world that they will be able to take care of the body, learn their soul lessons, fulfill their soul purpose, and become Love.

The Way Home provides tools, techniques, retreats, books, and a support network for undertaking that inner journey. There are many different approaches, other than The Way Home, available to support you on your journey and we invite you to be open to whichever one feels most appropriate for you. The Way Home was created from the experiences of those who chose to break free of the conditioning imposed in the western world. That said, we feel that The Way Home approach can be used by anyone who holds the intention to break free of their conditioned self and to live their life as a human being rather than as a person doing.

We can glean an understanding of the inner journey through describing the life of a human being. It is described in detail in the booklet ‘The Invitation: to shift from a Person Doing to a Human Being‘. This website provides a summary of the life of a human being. Essentially, there are six components to living your life as a human being and each one is described in a separate page on this website (under the menu heading ‘Inner Journey’). The six components are:

In order to fully comprehend the life of a human being, it is necessary to first understand the Love that one is becoming. The Love you become is far different than the love that is commonly being pursued by people doing. I invite you to read the section below on Love and then read the website pages for each component. That will give you a clearer understanding of both the life of a human being and the inner journey.

What is the Love that you become?

The Love that you become is a state of being. It is attained by dropping the identification with the false self (the body and mind) and following the guidance of your inner guide (a.k.a. soul). The energy of pure Source awareness (Source) is Love. Souls are seeded out of Source and they too carry the energy of Love. When you are following the guidance of your inner guide, you are following Love’s inspiration. Sri Chinmoy is pointing at the Love you become in the following quote.

  Love is not a thing to understand.
Love is not a thing to feel.
Love is not a thing to give and receive.
Love is a thing only to become
and eternally be.

Love is thing only to become and eternally be”.  It is this Love that you become. It is this Love that functions through the body and mind of a human being. It is this Love, and only this Love, that is healing.

The word love is commonly used in three other ways by people doing. Those three ways are ego-based love, heart-based love, and unconditional love. There is no healing energy in any of these three forms of love. They are all games of the ego.

  • Ego-based love.  This form of love is based on what the ego gains from getting what it wants. I love you because you make me happy.  I love chocolate because it tastes good.
  • Heart-Based love.  This form of love is based on your imposing what your ego thinks is best for another onto them. I love you and want only what is best for you. 
  • Unconditional love. Unconditional love is something people say when they want to love someone without any conditions. However, they are knowingly or unknowingly putting the energy of their conditioned mind into whatever it is that they are giving. A human being does not give love, they are Love. Unconditional love is often self-sacrificing and is a game of the ego. Their is no Love in unconditional love.

You can choose to either pursue these three forms of love or become Love. If you choose to pursue love then you are living a conditioned existence as a person doing and there is no Love in anything you say or do. If you choose to become Love then you live the life you incarnated to live. It is your choice. Do you wish to pursue love or become Love?

Benefits of Undertaking your Inner Journey

You will begin to realize the benefits of embarking upon your inner journey almost immediately. You do not have to remove all of your barriers to Love and be a perfect master of the Art of relating before the benefits will begin to show. You will soon receive glimpses of the inner state of being that is peaceful and Loving, and you will also begin to receive guidance from your inner guide or soul. As you move further along your inner journey, you will:

  • experience a magical sense of serenity that comes from knowing that you are living the life you incarnated to live;
  • free yourself from stress, fear, neediness, loneliness, jealousy, greed, and judgment;
  • learn your soul lessons and fulfill your soul purpose;
  • abide in an inner state of peace, contentment, Love, harmony, freedom, and joy; and,
  • cultivating the inner environment that invites in the Divine.

However, the greatest reward that you will receive is you.  You will be living your life.

The Art of Relating

As you embark upon your inner journey, the way in which you relate to others will begin to shift. You will find yourself attempting to relate with others from an inner state of Love rather than from your ego. You may find this challenging and disconcerting at first.

We invite you to remember that the people in your life are your mirrors. Through interacting with them, they are showing you when you are triggered into functioning from your ego rather than from an inner state of Love. They are your teachers. For example, if someone is able to trigger anger in you then they are giving you the gift of showing you one more part of your ego that has not yet been healed (through removing the underlying barrier to Love inside you). By owning that all of your emotions are sourced from the barriers to Love inside you (and not blaming others for the way you feel), your interactions with others can greatly accelerate your inner journey.

You will find that you are relating with others in order to learn about yourself (and what prevents you from remaining loving) rather than the ego of the other. The other may be doing the same with you or they may not be. That is their journey.

We call this process ‘The Art of Relating‘ and we invite you to embrace it. The people in your life are your guides and teachers. If your inner guide invites you to either talk to, enter into a business partnership with, or become romantically involved with someone then we recommend that you do so. They have something to teach you about yourself. You will also likely have something to show them but that is for them to see for themselves and, whether or not they do, is none of your business.

The Art of Relating page on this website has more information on this topic.