Become Love

Becoming Love is the sixth component of living your life as a human being.

Love is something that you become when you go beyond the conditioned mind and allow the energy of the soul, Love, to flow through you and out into the world.  You have become Love when you are living in the moment and are following Love’s inspiration without needing to know why you do or say anything.  You are not attached to any outcome from your actions.  You are being not doing.  Love is your natural state of being.  A being that has become Love will abide in an inner state of peace, Love, harmony, freedom, and joy. 

You only stop being Love when you become identified with the thoughts and emotions that arise from your conditioned mind.  You cannot be Love and be either pursuing a desire, espousing a belief, functioning from fear, or reacting from a conscious or subconscious emotional trauma.  Basically, you cannot be a person doing and be Love.


Becoming Love also opens the door to experiencing Oneness.

There is something beyond the soul that is Divine.  We refer to that something as Source.  It has been pointed at by different traditions with terms such as Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Tao, God, Supreme Self, and Universal Consciousness.  We invite you to be open to the possibility that it exists and that you can experience merging with it.  To merge with it is to have the oceanic experience of Oneness.

The inner environment that invites in the Divine is a silent mind, a quiet heart, and a relaxed body.  When a human being has become Love, they are abiding in that inner environment.  The mind of a human being becomes silent when they have either removed all of their barriers to Love or none of their remaining barriers to Love are currently being triggered.  Their heart is quiet because they either have removed all of their desires or none of their remaining desires are active.  Their body is relaxed because there is nothing left inside them to create tension.  Tension is created by one’s barriers to Love and, when none of them are either consciously or subconsciously active, there is no tension in the body.

Kabir describes the experience of Oneness in the following quote:

“Many know that the drop merges into the ocean, few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”