Connect to your Inner Guide

The first component of living your life as a human being is to connect to your inner guide. 

What is your inner guide?  There is a part of you that exists beyond the body and mind.  Most religions and spiritual traditions have been pointing at the possibility of its existence for centuries with terms such as soul, higher self, inner guide, and witnessing consciousness.  I am not going to try and convince you that it exists.  Instead, I invite you to be open to the possibility that you have an inner guide and that you can receive guidance from it.  You can then find out for yourself if you have one.

It is strange to say ‘connect to your inner guide’ when you cannot actually be disconnected from it.  It is part of you.  You are always ‘connected’ to your inner guide.  However, you forget about this connection when you become identified with the conditioned mind and are existing as a person doing.  In order to break free of that conditioned existence, you must first connect back to your inner guide.

Once you connect to it, and are following its guidance, you will be living the life you incarnated to live.  If you do not connect to it then you will continue to live a life that others have conditioned you to live.  You will not be living your life.  Thus, connecting to your inner guide is a necessity for reclaiming your life.

How do you Connect to your Inner Guide?

The challenge in connecting to your inner guide is to get past the noise (the thoughts and emotions) that is being churned out by your conditioned mind.  Anything that allows your conditioned mind to fall silent, even for a brief moment, will enable you to hear your inner guide.  There are a number of activities that you can use to connect with your inner guide.  The activities that I recommend are:

  • doing a spiritual practice for 20 minutes a day;
  • dream interpretation;
  • guided meditation;
  • automatic writing; and,
  • practicing allowing your inner guide to make small decisions in your daily life.

A spiritual practice is anything that you do on your own that does not activate your mind. For example, sitting in silence (meditating), chopping vegetables, going for a nature walk, or doing a solo sport that you have mastered (so that you do not have to think when you do it) such as surfing or skiing.  While engaged in your spiritual practice, do not read anything, watch anything, or listen to anything (including music).  Also, do not talk to anyone.  This is a time for you to be alone with yourself. 

I highly recommend that you write down your dreams and interpret them. Your inner guide is constantly attempting to communicate with you through your dreams.   It does not matter which approach you use to interpret them as long as you use the same approach consistently.  Your inner guide will then tailor its messages to match the approach you are using.

The third recommendation is to follow guided meditations that are specifically designed to lead you out of your conditioned mind and into a state of awareness that will enable you to communicate with your inner guide.  If you are drawn to guided meditations then I invite you to look into meditations that are designed to connect you to your inner guide.

Automatic writing involves writing at least three pages, single spaced, of letter sized paper every day.  You begin by writing down every thought that is going through your mind.  You then simply keep writing until the thoughts have ended and something else is coming through you and out onto the page.  Once you are writing words without knowing how a sentence is going to end, or even what word is going to come next, you are automatic writing.  You will then be writing messages from your inner guide.  

The final recommended activity is to allow your inner guide to make small choices in your daily life.  For example, when ordering a meal, instead of just ordering the same thing you always do, take a moment to fall silent and listen to what you feel inspired (from your inner guide) to eat.  Another example is to go for a walk without a pre-determined route.  Allow yourself to go wherever you feel inspired to go.  If you remain open to everything that crosses your path then you will find that you have experiences that you are meant to have.

The keys to connecting to your inner guide are to trust that it is possible to connect to it and remaining determined to do so.  I invite you to practice these recommendations while trusting that you too can make that connection.