Follow Inner Guide

The second component of the life of a human being is to follow the guidance that you receive from your inner guide. Once you have connected to your inner guide and are following its guidance, you have reclaimed your life. You are existing as human being and are living the life you incarnated to live.

The challenge in following the guidance of your inner guide is to overcome the noise of your own conditioned mind. Your guidance may ask you to do or say something that is either fearful to your conditioned mind, goes against one of your beliefs, opposes a desire, or triggers an emotional trauma.  You will then find that your conditioned mind screams at you to not follow the guidance you are receiving.

The key to overcoming the noise of one’s own conditioned mind is trust.  Your inner guide is the only thing you can trust.  It knows the life you are meant to live and it will bring the experiences into your life that you need in order to learn your soul lessons and fulfill your soul purpose.

You cannot trust your conditioned mind and you cannot trust the conditioned minds of others.  People have their own private agendas, based on their own conditioning, and cannot be trusted.  They act from desire, espouse their beliefs, and are self-centered even when they say they are other-centered.  I invite you to stop giving your life away to your conditioned mind, the conditioned minds of others, and all belief systems.  Instead, I invite you to cultivate trust in your own inner guide. 

The following quote highlights the shift that you are making when you live your life by following the guidance of your inner guide.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a noble servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  Bob Samples (3)

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If you replace ‘intuitive mind’ with inner guide in the above quote then it describes the difference between a person doing and a human being rather beautifully.  A person doing has the noble servant, their rational and conditioned mind, in charge of their life.  A human being follows the guidance that they receive from the sacred gift, their inner guide.

The life of a human being is directed by their inner guide (the sacred gift) and their rational mind (the noble servant) simply enacts the decisions that the inner guide makes.  A human being is no longer a prisoner of their conditioned mind.  They live the life they incarnated to live rather than the life their society conditioned them to live.  Their inner world is peaceful, Loving, joyful, enlivened, and inspired.  They are free.

I invite you to cultivate the ability to both hear your inner guide and follow its guidance regardless of what it asks of you.  That is the way to reclaim your life from your conditioned mind.