Fulfill your Soul Purpose

The fifth component of living your life as a human being is to fulfill your soul purpose.

Your soul purpose is something that you incarnated to fulfill.  It may be to write a book, be a parent, contribute to the ending of mankind’s inhumanity to mankind, complete a specific task, be a beacon of light (by existing as Love) for others, support others in healing themselves, or any one of a number of other possibilities.  You can fulfill your soul purpose while you are also learning your soul lessons.  However, until you have fulfilled it, you will not be free of this realm.  Even if you have completed all of your soul lessons, you will continue incarnating in this realm until your soul purpose has been fulfilled.

It is called a soul purpose rather than a mind purpose because it cannot be completed by your mind.  Any effort by your mind to fulfill it will lead to failure.  Thus, the greatest challenge that you will likely face in fulfilling your soul purpose will be to keep your own mind out of the way.  I recommend the following three step process for fulfilling your soul purpose.

  1. Act from Love’s inspiration. 
    • Follow the guidance from your inner guide (a.k.a. Love’s inspiration). 
    • Trust that your inner guide will invite you to do or say everything that is needed to fulfill your soul purpose.
  2. Live in the Unknown (a.k.a. the Gap).
    • Do not be attached to the outcome of your actions.
    • Follow Love’s inspiration without needing to know why you are saying or doing anything.
    • Relax and do not try to fulfill your soul purpose.  Trust that it will be fulfilled by your acting on Love’s inspiration.
  3. Flow with Life
    • Respond to external events from an inner state of Love. Fall silent inside and allow your inner guide to guide you in choosing how to respond.

As you embrace living your life as a human being, this three-step process will soon become your natural way of being in the world.  It will be like breathing to you.  You will be living the phrase ‘Life is Love in action’ and your soul purpose will be fulfilled.