Learn your Soul Lessons

Learning your soul lessons is the fourth component of living your life as a human being.

A soul lesson is something that your soul has chosen to learn so that you can remain as a being of Love regardless of external events in this world of form.  Examples of soul lessons include: compassion; humility; patience; forgiveness; acceptance; intimacy; relating from Love rather than from desire; honoring one’s inner guidance regardless of the perceived consequences; overcoming greed; and, parenting.

You learn your soul lessons as part of the process of removing the barriers inside you to Love.

The Barriers to Love

“Your task is not to seek for love. But merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.  Rumi.

The barriers inside you to Love are the four components of your ego; your fears, desires, beliefs, and emotional traumas.

As long as a human being is following the guidance of their inner guide and are responding to life from a silent and peaceful inner state of being then they are existing as Love.  However, they will be challenged to remain as Love when one of their remaining barriers to Love is triggered and thoughts and emotions arise from that barrier.  If they identify with those thoughts and emotions and react from the, then they  have returned to functioning in the world as a person doing and there is no Love present in their words and deeds.

That is why the components of your ego  (your desires, fears, beliefs, and traumas) are known as the barriers inside you to Love.  When one of them is triggered, you can either return to living as a person doing or you can remain as a human being and remove the barrier to Love.  The process of removing your barriers to Love includes learning your soul lessons.

Removing the Barriers Inside you to Love (and Learning your Soul Lessons)

The Way Home has created a process for removing the barriers inside you to Love.  That process is summarized on this page of the website and is described in more detail in the book ‘Self-Healing: Ancient Wisdom Applied to Todays’s World’.  The Way Home also provides workshops and one on one guidance in removing your barriers to Love. Lastly, The Way Home farm is a loving and supportive space to embrace your inner journey for an extended period.


The process of removing your barriers to Love will destroy all of the illusions you hold about yourself and the world.  It will also require you to be completely honest with yourself about hos you truly feel deep inside.  Rumi is pointing at the need to be completely open and honest in the following quote.

“If you can’t smell the fragrance
don’t come into the garden of Love.
If you’re unwilling to undress
don’t enter the stream of Truth.
Stay where you are.
Don’t come our way.”

If you are unwilling to undress by exposing the truth of what is residing deep inside you then living your life as a human being, and becoming Love, is not for you.  This journey is not for the faint of heart.

The process for removing your barriers to Love can be simplistically be described in four steps:

  1.   Look in the mirror that is your life.
    • Practice mindful awareness by bringing awareness to your inner reaction to life’s events.
  2.   Observe the signposts that a barrier to Love has been triggered.
    • Become aware of when fear, anger (or any other emotion), pain, or a non-Loving motivation has arisen inside you.
  3.   Delve inwards to find the barrier inside you to Love.
    • Do not act from those signposts. Simply observe them.
    • Enter into a meditative state, allow yourself to feel the fear, anger, pain, or non-Loving motivation, and use insight meditation to invite your inner guide to show you the barrier to Love, inside you, that has triggered the signpost.
    • The barrier to Love will be a fear, desire, belief, or trauma.
    • Becoming aware of the barrier to Love will often be enough for you to let it go. The last step below will then not be necessary.
  4.   Remove the barrier to Love using the appropriate healing technique.
    • If awareness is not enough to let go of a barrier to Love then deeper healing is required to remove it.
    • Invite your inner guide to show you the appropriate healing technique (self-healing, therapeutic support, inner child work, soul retrieval, etc.) for removing the barrier.
    • Remove the barrier to Love (heal) by embracing the appropriate healing technique, letting go of the false belief(s) underlying the barrier to Love, learning the soul lesson(s), and forgiving yourself and others.

Learning your soul lessons occurs in the last step of the above process.  When you delve deep inside to remove one of your core barriers to Love, you will likely find that you will need to embrace a soul lesson before you can forgive yourself and others.

Mindful Awareness, Self-Love, and Trust

These are the three tools that you will need to master in order to be able to find and remove your barriers to Love.

Mindful Awareness – To be mindful is to be present.  If you can remember an event clearly then you were mindful at the time of that event.  Awareness is a state of being in which you are witnessing everything that is going on inside you and outside of you.  Mindful awareness is then existing in the present moment and observing your inner state of being and everything that is going on around you.

Self-Love – Love is acceptance.  If you are accepting yourself exactly as you are in the current moment then you are Loving yourself.  If you are feeling angry then self-Love involves accepting, not denying, that you are angry.  If you do not like your body then self-Love is accepting that you do not like your body.  Loving yourself in this way does not mean that you will feel the same way always, it simply means that you feel that way in this moment.  Self-Love allows you to accept the way you truly feel so that you can then begin to heal yourself and remove your barriers to Love.

Trust  – Cultivating Trust in your own inner guide will allow you to remove your barriers to Love and find your way home to who you really are.  Your inner guide is also known as your Higher Self, the Divine within, the witnessing consciousness, or the soul.  It is only your inner guide that knows the unique journey that you are to follow in learning your soul lessons and returning home.

We highly recommend that you attend a workshop in order to gain experiential practice and guidance with this process for removing your the barriers inside you to Love.