Take Care of the Body

The third component of a life lived as a human being is to take care of the needs of the body. 

The body is a tool and a messenger.  To take care of the body is to both provide it with what it needs to continue functioning (food, water, and shelter) and keep it healthy by listening to its messages. 

If a human being doesn’t have food, water, and shelter then obtaining them will become their immediate priority.  The other five components of living life as a human being will take a back seat.  However, I am only talking about the basic needs of the body.  I am not talking about luxury items such as gourmet food, flavored drinks, designer clothes, makeup, jewelry, fancy automobiles, and large homes.  Getting caught up in the pursuit of luxuries for the body will keep one imprisoned in the conditioned mind.  A person doing accumulates stuff while a human being is drawn to a simple existence.

The body is a messenger.  If the body is not healthy, through being overweight, underweight, or ‘diseased’ in some way, then it is sending you a message.  In this case, a ‘disease’ can take the form of a physical illness, a supposed mental illness, or an internal misalignment such as a headache or high blood pressure.  Taking care of the body involves both getting the medical treatment that the body needs in order to continue functioning, and heeding the message from the ‘disease’.  One heeds the message of a disease by finding and removing the barrier to Love inside oneself that has led to it. 

A process for finding and removing the barriers to Love underlying a ‘disease’ is described in great detail in the book: ‘Self-Healing; Ancient Wisdom Applied to Today’s World’.  That healing process in the next component, learn your soul lessons, but it is not described in detail on this website.  Please refer to that ‘Self-Healing’ book if you are facing a ‘disease’, have gotten the medical treatment that the body needs to continue functioning, and are now looking to heal the source inside you of the ‘disease’.

Once you are taking care of the needs of the body, you are able to focus on the last three components of life as a human being.