Guidance and Support

We offer individual spiritual guidance and ongoing programs to support you on your inner journey of becoming Love.  Our intention is to provide guidance and support to others in: facing themselves; removing their inner barriers to Love; raising their vibration; and, bringing their life into alignment with the life that they incarnated to live.

Spiritual Guidance

We define a spiritual guide as one who has connected to their own inner guide and is able to support you in connecting to yours.   We feel that everyone has their own unique inner journey to walk and that no one can walk it for them.  However, we can support you in finding your own answers, healing yourself (removing the barriers inside you to Love), and raising your vibration.

This guidance is available through one one one sessions and the programs that are offered at The Way Home farm.  You can read more about the guidance that we offer on the ‘Spiritual Guidance‘ page of this website.

Ongoing Programs

The Way Home Farm is open to welcoming visitors from mid April through to the end of October every year.  The farm is essentially shut down, with the exception of caretakers, from November through early April.

We welcome anyone who shares the intention to go beyond the conditioned self, live their life as a human being, and become Love. There are three programs that people can choose from when they visit:

Short Term Visitor:  This program is for those who would like to experience life at the farm for anywhere from one day to two weeks.   You will be invited to participate in farm life, to partake in the communal evening meal, and to attend the facilitated sharing circles. 

Long Term Resident:  This program is for those who hold the intention to focus on their inner journey for an extended period (from two weeks to six months).  You may choose to extend your stay indefinitely after six months. You will be invited to participate in the running of the farm, to practice interacting from Love at all times, to partake in the communal evening meal, and to attend the facilitated sharing circles and other sessions.  You will also have regular one on one sessions with Bruce and any other resident guides.

Spiritual Guide:  This program is for those who feel drawn to guide others on their inner journeys.  The program is offered to long term residents.  It has the added activities of working directly with Bruce and other guides in facilitating one on one sessions and retreats. 

Please contact us at for more information on these programs.