Spiritual Guidance

We define a spiritual guide as one who has connected to their own inner guide and is able to support you in connecting to yours.  We provide spiritual guidance in the form of guiding you inwards to find your own answers.  That is done through one on one sessions, ongoing daily support for visitors and residents at the farm, and retreats.

Our primary guide is Bruce Taylor although others are rapidly developing the ability to provide guidance and support.  We see ourselves as fellow travellers here to support each other and to learn from each other as we each navigate our own unique inner journeys.

Bruce Taylor – Spiritual Guide 

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Bruce has provided guidance and support to hundreds of people.  He is open to working with anyone who has a genuine interest in facing themselves and discovering their own answers.

Bruce offers one on one guidance, runs the programs at The Way Home farm, and facilitates retreats.  During the one on one sessions, Bruce will guide you inwards where you will have the opportunity to:

  • answer any questions that you may have about yourself or your life;
  • find and remove any barriers to Love inside you that are being triggered by events in your life;
  • discover the source inside you of any pains or illnesses;
  • dissolve any obstacles inside you that are blocking you from following your inner knowingness; and,
  • support you in bringing your life into alignment with the life that you incarnated to live.

Bruce lived in a Tibetan Bon monastery in India where he studied under a Dzogchen master.  There he was given direct experience of the nature of mind (how the mind functions as a tool for a soul to exist in a body).   He then began his own intensive de-conditioning journey that involved western therapy techniques (such as breath work and inner child work), meditation, shamanism, energy reading and healing, past life work, and more. 

He has combined what he learned from his own journey to create a unique process for guiding people inwards.  That process is tailored to an individual and may include guiding a person deep into their inner world, energy reading and healing, shamanic practices, de-conditioning techniques, past life regression, and guided meditation.  His passion is to guide and support people in going beyond their ego-mind and becoming Love.

Bruce can be contacted at brucejtaylor@yahoo.com.