These are a few samples of the testimonials from the workshops and spiritual guidance offered by Bruce Taylor; the initial ‘The Way Home’ facilitator.

You are a gift!  Thank you!  Your balanced gift of space, support, and a sprinkling of guidance is so special.  You’re like a tuning device that helps other humans calibrate.” Female, 32.

“Thank you for allowing such wisdom to be imparted through you, with such humor and playfulness.  Thank you for being you and guiding me to allow me to be me.” Male, 24.

“Your ability to listen with your heart has been a huge role model for me.  Your words and exercises gave me the tools so I can continue healing myself and live in the beautiful spot of the heart that exists in me.” Female, 24.

“You’ve inspired me more than you can imagine, and will continue to inspire me for the rest of time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you.  For having the strength and determination to become and be you.  You set an example that brings tears to my eyes, and it gives me insight into how we as humans can be … just be.” Female, 29.

“Thank you for the priceless toolbox.  Thank you for your gentleness, patience, infinite love, and endless support.  Thank you for your dedication to being you ….the living example of all you so brilliantly teach.  This has been the most life changing meaningful month of my life thus far.” Female, 33.