Humanity’s Journey

What is humanity doing on this planet? Where are we going?

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This page of the website has been written by Bruce Taylor based on his experiences. it contains his feelings on humanity’s journey.

I am not going to presume to know the definitive answers to these questions. Instead, I will share my experiences related to these topics and explain the answers that those experiences led to. I Invite you to be open to all of this being possible and to find your own answers.

Question One: What is humanity doing on this planet?

The experiences that guided me to an answer to this first question were:

  • Out of Body experiences
  • My dead brother appearing before me and becoming my Spirit Guide
  • A Dead Enlightened Master telling me “It’s time to go”
  • A Living Enlightened Master teaching me ‘Nature of Mind’
  • Reliving Past Lives
  • reliving the journey from death through to reincarnation
  • Witnessing a friend cure themselves of a terminal disease
  • Assisting a Soul in Crossing over
  • Visiting an inner city to heal Aborted Souls
  • Visiting Shambhala and other cities where high vibration beings reside.
  • Being guided by beings out of body
  • Visiting alternative realms
  • Visiting a Parallel Dimension
  • Becoming Light
  • Witnessing the moment by moment creation of this realm
  • Merging with Source

These experiences, and others like them, have led me to feel that humanity has incarnated on this planet primarily to learn how to remain as Loving beings in a dense level of form.

For the most part, we are failing. We have forgotten who we are. We think that we are the ego-mind and body (a person) and have forgotten that we also have a divine soul (and are a human being). A human being incarnates to learn their soul lessons (how to remain as the loving being they are regardless of circumstances) while a person is simply lost. This planet has become known as ‘The Realm of Lost Souls’ and ‘The Land of the Walking Dead’ because most beings believe they are people.

In addition to learning to remain as the loving beings we are, I have discovered that I also incarnated to complete a number of soul tasks. A soul task is one that is typically assigned prior to birth and can only be completed when the soul is guiding one’s actions and words rather than the ego-mind. In my case, I know that I will remain in the cycle of reincarnating in this realm until either my soul tasks are complete or this realm is shut down.

In summary, I feel that humanity is here to wake up (function from their soul as a human being rather than from their ego-mind as a person), learn their soul lessons, and complete any soul tasks that they have been assigned.

There is more to the story than just this. I feel That there are also dynamics around preparing ourselves for other realms, existing at different levels of consciousness, and becoming creator beings. However, those additional dynamics feel like topics for another day and another medium.

Question Two: Where are we going?

The answer to this question is more vague to me that the answer to the previous question. This is because I have had fewer experiences on which to base an answer. The experiences that I have had are:

  • Visiting my ‘family’ in Shambhala
  • Leaving the body and being taken ‘Home’
  • Being visited by a member of the ‘Council of Nine’ who said “The game is over”
  • Visiting a number of ascended cities
  • Visiting Atlantis
  • Being involved in anchoring the 13th level of consciousness into this realm

These experiences have led me to feel that each soul has their own individual journey to embark upon. They have their own unique lessons to learn and their own unique tasks to complete. They are also evolving through levels of consciousness at their own rate and in their own way. Some will raise their vibration sufficiently to be a part of creating a new ‘world’ while others will not. The latter group currently comprise the majority of humanity. My sense is that they will likely either remain in this realm or move to one similar to it.