Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

If you feel drawn to a retreat that is not currently scheduled then please let us know (at info@thewayhometolove.com). We will work with you to find an appropriate time to run it and will reach out for other participants.

Removing the Barriers to Love – Sept. 12 to 19, 2020 on Cortes Island

This is the introductory retreat to the inner journey.  During this retreat, we will explore what it means to be a human being, describe divine Love, and do a variety of exercises designed to support you in removing your inner barriers to being Love and learning your soul lessons.   You will be given an experiential understanding of self-Love, mindful awareness, and trust; the three pillars of removing the barriers to Love.  You will also take away tools and techniques for continuing your inner journey.


Introduction – 0.5 Days

  • Sharing Circle, Introduction to ‘the Barriers to Love’ and to The Way Home (TWH).
  • Discussion on the three pillars for discovering the essence of who you really are:  Mindful Awareness, Self-Love, and Trust.

Removing the Barriers to Love – 6 Days

  • Facilitated Discussions and exercises on Mindful Awareness, Self-Love, and Trust.
  • Guided Meditations and exercises designed to guide you deep inside yourself in order to remove the barriers inside you to Love.
  • Exercises will include Sharing Circles, Dyads, speaking one’s Truth, and more.
  • Facilitated discussions on topics such as ‘Taking Back Your Power’, Guilt, Love, and Intimacy.

Wrap-Up – 0.5 days

  • Facilitated discussion on integrating what you have learnt into your daily life.

Please contact Bruce Taylor (at brucejtaylor@yahoo.com or 778-879-8701) to register or for more information.