Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

If you feel drawn to a retreat that is not currently scheduled then please let us know (at info@thewayhometolove.com). We will work with you to find an appropriate time to run it and will reach out for other participants.

Living your Life as a Human Being (Summer, 2019) – Tentative

This workshop has been tentatively scheduled for the end of June and will be run if we have enough participants and support. We will need two people to support Carie in order to run this workshop; one to help with food preparation and one to help with looking after Bodhi.

This workshop has two parts and you can attend the first part only or both parts. The first part is a weekend workshop on what it means to live your life as a human being. We will discuss the six components of living your life as a human being and have a few introductory exercises. The six components are: Connect to your inner guide; follow the guidance from your inner guide; take care of the body; learn your soul lessons; fulfill your soul purpose; and become Love. The second part is a four day workshop for those who wish to dive deeper.

Gathering to Envision Community (mid August into September)

Matthew and Erik are putting out a call to envision what is needed to open up the vision of becoming Love to a larger full time community, and then manifest it.  The location of that community could be anywhere, we are open to all ideas. We welcome you to join us on The Way Home farm for a time of vision questing, communing with nature, creation, heart opening, and acting from Love.

Bruce, Erik and Matt are feeling that the timing would be from around the middle/end of August into September but specific dates have not yet been set.  Bruce, Carie and Bodhi will most likely be in Campbell River awaiting the arrival of the new baby during this time and will visit the farm on occasional days.

If you are interested in participating in this gathering then please contact Matthew (matthewidom@gmail.com) or Erik (erik93j@gmail.com)